Because There is Hope

Melody Biehl founded Because There is Hope (BTIH) after her own experience with breast cancer.  In 1997, doctors diagnosed Melody after her first mammogram. She underwent a mastectomy and breast reconstruction and remains cancer-free.

In 2004, Because There is Hope was born and by 2006, Melody began fundraising and dedicated herself to helping other cancer patients by delivering them a message of hope, healing, and ultimately a safe haven while undergoing treatment.


For years, BTIH provided connections to host homes in the Spokane, WA, area, but the ultimate goal was always to open a home dedicated to offering lodging to patients and caregivers. In August 2013, that safe haven became reality with the opening of Faye’s House, providing temporary housing for cancer patients and their caregivers.

Faye’s House was named in memory of Faye McLain.  Faye was an inspiration to Melody and others during her journey of breast cancer.  She inspired many to reach out and offer help and hope to individuals who have been touched by cancer

Because There Is Hope offers the following resources for cancer patients:

  • Faye’s House
  • Host Homes – BTIH remains connected to a network of host homes in the event that Faye’s House is full.
  • Gas Cards – The cost of driving back and forth for treatment can cause great financial hardship as well. The gas card program offers relief from this burden for qualified individuals.
  • Resources and Support – The battle against cancer requires more than medical treatment, and we want to support patients and caregivers in every way possible with connections to care providers, support groups, and other resources that support the emotional and spiritual side of healing.

Because There Is Hope will host a TETWP night at the Spokane Interstate Fair and Rodeo Saturday, September 12th.  To find out more about Because There Is Hope and Faye’s House, please visit