2024 TETWP Forms

Please e-mail us for all forms at

BEFORE Your Event

Access forms, receive updates and read our blog.

Establish a Tough Enough to Wear Pink™ day Pick your favorite day to host an event. You can either choose a day or span of time during your rodeo or function and choose your charity of choice for Breast Cancer.

Make your committee interactive

Communicate with your committee members and together, make a fundraising plan.

Enroll your event and review regulations

Enroll your event by sending in your enrollment form including the signed agreement for regulations via postal mail, email or fax.
*After receiving the needed forms we will send out a trademark approval notice

Share the news

Create your own newsletters, posters, fliers, email blasts or enlist your local businesses to help spread the word. Logos available upon request.

Get together with your charity of choice

Choose a charity that your committee has agreed upon. Our strongest recommendation is to keep the charity local; ex. Your local breast imaging center or hospital affiliated with breast health. Your next choice is to donate your funds to a nationally known charity. Our strongest recommendation is the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
*Please find further information located in committee packets or contact TETWP ™. Set a date after the conclusion of your event to give the chosen charity their donation from your fundraising efforts.

Order official merchandise

Registered events are required to purchase a minimum $250 of official TETWP merchandise.  Merchandise is a available to registered events at a discount, and can be sold at suggested retail price to aid in fundraising. To receive your order form, email

Host an activity

To generate excitement, coordinate a bake sale, contest or create an “in honor of” board. Come up with your own creative fun and educational activity.

Sell your official TETWP ™ merchandise to generate more pre sales.

Collect donations

Visit your local businesses for advertising or get together with volunteers from your local groups. All checks should be payable to the charity name you have chosen. Keep track of all donations as you will need the total at the conclusion of your event.

Host your event:

Set up a booth or table for fundraising sales. Use creative ideas to obtain more donations through queen collections, ticket sales and sponsor advertising.

AFTER Your Event

Submit Donations

Either do a presentation of donations to charity of choice or wait until all donations have been collected to submit.

Send in Contribution amounts

Fax or email your enrollment sheet back with contribution and charity information filled in to highlight your efforts in our public relations. Remember all checks should be submitted to the charity chosen.

Request your packet for next year

It’s a proven fact the early bird gets the worm! It’s never too early to start planning your fundraising event for next year. Enrollment forms need to be sent in annually.