Whether hes throwing a rope, tacklin a steer,
Or riding a mean one, workin hard to stay on,
He doesnt mind wearing that pink shirt, you see,
Because even the toughest cowboy loves his mom.

It could be his mom, his sister, or friend,
Fighting that disease with all of her heart.
He might feel helpless, and want to do more,
But wearin his pink shirt is an awful good start.

Cause every cowboy knows that pink isnt just a color,
And cowboyins about more than sitting in a saddle.
He proudly wears the pink shirt as a uniform,
While he rides to help win this hard battle.

So when the rodeo winds down and the horses load up,
And the sky turns pink, as the sun sets in the west,
Maybe that pink sky is Gods way of sayin Thanks, Cowboy,
On behalf of His daughters whove passed.
—-S.P., TETWP Central Montana, 2011