The 7th Annual Tough Enough To Wear Pink Horse Show is once again gearing up for an amazing year. During its existence, the show has raised $157,500.00, all of which has been donated to the Stephanie Spielman Fund for Patient Assistance. The 2012 show was the best so far, raising $50,000, nearly one third of the total money raised, to date.
The 2013 show will be held from September 20-22 at Roberts Arena in Wilmington, Ohio. The horse show has many of the standard classes, along with a few special ones. Each year they have an In Memories Class and a Survivors Class. The main goal is to have more participants in the Survivors class, in 2012 there were seventeen riders that came through the gate. There is still a large gap in numbers between these two classes, but they plan on having the show for many years to come. Last years show saw a 10 percent increase in overall participants with 1650 riders, simply amazing.
The dedicated folks have had an amazing collection of items donated over the last six years to aid in their fundraising efforts. They have raffled such items as a pink manure spreader and a pink horse trailer. This year will be no different. In addition to another pink horse trailer, the group will be raffling a golf cart.
Raffle tickets can be purchased throughout the year. The cost is $5.00 per ticket or 5 for $20.00. The drawing will be held at the show in September. The first ticket drawn will be for the pink horse trailer and the second ticket drawn will be for the golf cart. Last year tickets were sold to folks all across the country. Anyone interested in purchasing raffle tickets may do so by visiting, or by emailing or Please leave your phone number and the wonderful folks from the TETWP Horse Show will be happy to contact you.