Pink saddle pads, pink shirts, and pink ribbons…  Did everyone accidenlty bring the same show clothes…Of course not, pink was the color of the day as Michigan Reining Horse Association members and competitors showed their dedication to Reining in Cancer during the annual Tough Enough to Wear Pink show, held June 11 through 12 during the Michigan Slide In at the Midland County Fairgrounds in midland, Michigan.

This is the third year that the MRHA has hosted this fundraising event, which gets bigger and better every year. A variety of different events gave competitors the opportunity to show their support and raise money for those individuals and their families affected by breast cancer, all while having a good time.  During the classes offered on Saturday, June 11, any competitor wearing pink had their back number entered into a drawing for prizes awarded throughout the day.  Its probably the only time during the year where all the men compete to find the pinkest shirt, and even the geldings are pretty in pink as they walk into the ring.

A silent auction was also offered and filled with a variety of both horse and non horse related items that were donated by generous local business and members.  A card raffle and 50.50 drawing was also held; event organizers Jim and Kris Hansen ,a breast cancer survivor herself, could be seen throughout the grounds doing a steady business in ticket and card sales as the day wore on.

The highlight of the day was the Legendary Pink Egg and Spoon Race, held during the lunch break.  Always a crowd favorite, everyone from open to non pro to youth riders showed up to receive their pink egg and spoon after a 10 dollar donation to the cause.  Once everyone was ready, the thumbs were taken off the eggs and the competition began.  Walk, trot, extended trot, canter, extended canter, counter canter, turnarounds and sliding stops were all required before a winner was finally crowned, and only after a friendly disqualification of Matt Lantz, who performed amazingly well until it was discovered that this egg has been attached to the spoon with Gorilla Glue.
The 2011 MRHA Tough Enough to Wear Pink show raised more than 1,500 dollars, the highest amount raised for the cause to date.  All money will be donated directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, a nationally based organization that develops drugs and procedures that will help save thousands of lives.

Everyone is anticipating next June and the next MRHA Tough Enough o Wear Pink show in Michigan.

Submitted by J. Hansen, written by Anna Munie…NRHA Reiner magazine
A special Thank You to the entire Michigan Slide In Crew!