A little something from Matt Braden-
This year I’m dedicating my bull riding season to Breast Cancer. I hope to raise a lot of money and awareness.  I have a little story behind the reason why I’m doing this.  I choose to do this because my grandmother developed breast cancer in 1995 and had both of her breast removed, ever since then she made it her personal goal to help as many women as she could that had breast cancer.  She became president of Bosom Buddies in 2001 and continued helping survivors the best she could.  In June of 2009 she passed away of brain cancer, she was a very strong and dedicated women.  What she did in her life inspired me to carry on her passion for breast cancer and helping others.  With that said, I am very dedicated and honored to ride in all pink and help the cause as much as I can, I made it a personal goal to raise as much awareness and money through out the rest of my bull riding career.  I would like to help out TETWP as much as I can through out the years, I think what you guys have is a very wonderful thing.


SIOUX FALLS, SD – Matt Braden quotes:
It may seem simple, but those who do it for a living say it’s anything but. We’re talking about riding a bull.  In order to be successful, you have to be smart, strong and maybe a little crazy.
It’s just like dancing with em, bull rider Matt Braden said.
However, dancing on top of a raging bull can also be a hard and painful way to make a living.
Like they always say, it’s not when you get hurt, it’s how bad you get hurt, Braden said.

This 27-year-old, Sioux Falls native is tough enough to ride a bull, even wearing pink.

This weekend, I’m dedicating my rides to the local breast cancer survivors, Braden said.

And the ladies will have Braden’s back for the rest of the season. Their names are printed on his safety vest.