Rodeo Poem by Kathy Shaw
Its the week of the rodeo, and all through the city, Were sprucing up things to make it look pretty
For all of the people who visit our town. To see the parade, the cowboys and clown.
Elise is real busy with last minute plans. To make things perfect for rodeo fans.
The Chamber, some clubs and organizations Are setting up booths and taking their stations.
While others are busy putting up fences and gates. Hard work and cooperation are some of the traits
It takes to put on this great celebration, Providing for many a mini vacation.
Theres hotdogs, chicken and brats for a start, Theres games and pie Saturday in the park.
The parade a dunk tank and a sheep rodeo, Keep everyone hopping on the go.
And when its all over, well breathe a deep sigh Knowing the year will fly swiftly by.
The rodeo site will be empty, therell be nothing to do
But say, Come again next year, Happy Trails to You!

Come Join the 24th Annual Edgewood Rodeo Days June 23, 24, 25, and 26 – Rodeo Action all 3 nights!
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