We all talk about helping one another in the fight against breast cancer.  Here is one story of a sister asking for a helping hand.

The story below is a piece from the Operation Help Nancy Beat Cancer Fund Facebook site.

“About My twin sister, Nancy Crandall, is fighting (Her2 triple positive) Breast Cancer.

My family recently found out that my twin sister, Nancy has breast cancer. I have had a few people ask me if there was any way they could help with expenses or to let them know if there was anything they could do to help, especially financially. So I am creating this page, without her knowledge (Granted she will find out very soon) to help her out. She is currently a full time college student along with her husband. She does have a workstudy job but will soon be forced to quit because of treatment. One of the one things that I don’t want her to face is stress about how she is going to be able to pay for expenses, trips to the hospital, and other misc. things that her doctor and Oncologist have told her to purchase for her recovery process. Her list is growing tremendously by the day. I will also be updating her progress as she fights this.”

“After lab results came back, the nurse started “pre-meds” on IV through my chemo port “each lasting around 20-30 minutes long, minus one of the nausea meds), all for the prevention of some of the side effects. Benadryl, a steroid, 2 nausea medications, and Pepcid (for stomach)”

We kindly ask everyone to continue to post this link in their Facebook status, please (periodically) and ask your friends to post the link as well. Nancy’s journey has officially begun; Any help is needed and VERY VERY appreciated! Thank you.

Fight Hard Nancy!