The Gypsy Soule company and its three brands of footwear, clothing, and accessories were co-founded in 2003 by Amy Moorhouse and Lorinda Graham Van Newkirk. In a moment that would rock the fashion world forever, these two lively Texas girls got together, poured up a few cocktails, and began designing the most fashionable, flashy, flip flop collection the world had ever seen.

Friends for 20 years, Amy and Lorindas similar backgrounds, flamboyant attitudes and shared determination to succeed were an uncanny match. No strangers to hard work, both women grew up on working ranches, and spent years building reputable careers in the fashion industry; Lorinda as an entrepreneur and Amy as a designer. Gypsies at heart, the free spirited women fearlessly pursued their dream.

The two visionaries first introduced their footwear to the market under Lorindas existing VanGlow brand. Women went wild for the blingy, bejeweled shoes. Amy and Lorinda handled all aspects of the business, including design, production, marketing, sales, and fulfillment, for two years until the increasing customer demand prompted them to launch the Gyspy Soule company in 2006.

Gypsy Soule was created with the mantra products for women, designed by women. Amy and Lorinda set out with a goal of building womens confidence, celebrating their individual senses of style, and making them feel good about themselves. Their partnership was a perfect pairing of Lorindas branding and business acumen and Amys design and production skills, complemented by shared creativity and a vision to lead the industry with their fresh new approach and fun, feisty attitudes.

Gypsy Soules popularity grew quickly through word of mouth advertising. Souleful women everywhere clamored for the rock star style footwear that made them stand out from the crowd, and Amy and Lorinda found renewed purpose in their ability to empower women through fashion. As demand grew, Gypsy Soule created a jewelry line. The jewelry line lead to spin offs into clothing and then accessories. The Gypsy Cowgirl brands were created to offer product diversity and cater to the unique styles of all of their customers.

Today, the Gypsy Soule company encompasses three brands and carries lines of footwear, boots, clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Several television programs and over dozens of magazines have featured their products, including CMTs Texas Women, ABCs Extreme Makeover, Home Edition, and People, In Style, Country Weekly, Us Weekly, Cowboys & Indians and Nashville Scene. The Gypsy Soule companys brands of footwear, clothing and accessories are available at over 500 retailers nationwide, or on their website at

We invite you to come with us and unleash your SOULE.

Some women have souls that beg to move, to travel, to love, to be free. These women have Gypsy Soules. They have a spirit that demands more out of life; this spirit is not easily tamed and penetrates the soul. Gypsy blood runs deep and cannot be ignored. For these women, a line of clothing, shoes and accessories have been created. Gypsy Soule.

We invite you to be unconventional, and make history.